About Us

About Us

Founded by a self-taught artist, Harshad Bhaskar, HBK Palette, specialises in charcoal paintings, and customised sketches.

Over the years, Harshad has focused on capturing the minutest of the detail and making art meaningful. He wants every person to have an evolved taste in art and wants to provide quality art to every seeker.

After relentlessly pursuing his passion for art, he has finally given birth to HBK Palette. He had always dreamt of starting his own brand and providing art in various forms. And what’s more precious to the artist than his notebook? Thus, at HBK Palette, we want to start our journey by offering artistic, premium notebooks. Needless to say, quality comes first, and we bet you will enjoy writing in these HBK Palette notebooks.
With our range of designs, you will surely find something that connects with you. In fact, you will be left spoilt for choice.

The vision of HBK Palette is to provide premium products at affordable prices so that everyone can paint their palette of thoughts, ideas and moods!

To be honest, it is his labour of love. And now it’s your chance to show it some love.

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